Infoplicity’s Website Analytics & SEO Consulting Strategy

Infoplicity’s Website Analytics
& SEO Consulting Strategy

The advantages and capabilities of Infoplicity’s website analytics and SEO consulting services are driven through in depth analytics expertise, and is proven to improve the bottom line for your organization’s growth initiatives.

Stemming from true behaviour analysis, our experienced web analytics team is capable of delivering both a traditional, and an intuitive based approach, to capture and optimize current visitor conversions and drive further growth from tailored SEO implementations and efforts.

Website Analytics
SEO Consulting

Web Analytics Implementation Advantages

Web Analytics
Implementation Advantages

Some key advantages of a strong Web Analytics Implementation include:

  • In depth understanding of your traffic sources, conversions, and the events that caused those conversions.
  • Truly realizing the behaviour patters of your current site visitors, capitalizing on the trends, and tailoring your sales and re-marketing efforts accordingly.
  • The ability to set up and thoroughly analyze performance indicators relating to campaigns of all sorts.
  • Gain more granular insight into optimizing marketing campaigns for better conversion success.

SEO Consulting and Strategy Advantages

SEO Consulting and
Strategy Advantages

Proven advantages of a tailored SEO Consulting Strategy include:

  • Increased relevant web traffic, enhanced CTR, dwell time and back link authority through high position search rankings.
  • An alternative cost effective approach to traditional advertising, in order to reach targeted users who are looking for your products and services online.
  • Increasing site usability in an effort to make the user experience flawless, which would essentially lead to higher conversions.
  • Authority growth of your brand due to higher search rankings most relevant to your business offerings.

The Importance of Advanced Website Analytics…

The Importance of Advanced Website Analytics…

Whether your business is eCommerce driven, B2B, or other forms of B2C, there are no qualms when it comes to your website presence delivering valued ROI.

The key take away’s of a proper web analytics implementation, an overall SEO consulting and delivery strategy, and a web design factually built to provide tangible results, will not only prove substantial growth within the search engines, but will uncover invaluable insights on visitor behaviour to truly understand not only the “what” happened, but the “why” it happened.  Insights on these levels can not only assist with managing the internal growth and advertising budgets, but can utilize those costs to enhance the best chances for a tangible return.

In the example of an eCommerce case, the ability to see which path the user took in order to complete a sale, all the way down to what event drove them to that purchasing conversion is invaluable across all campaign levels.

In a more B2B instance, you can attribute values to your lead conversions, such as a contact form fill-out, or other forms of visitor event actions, and calculate the conversion value of your sign ups, or how often a user clicks on a CTA link and so on.  Attributing values to these conversions and assessing the “how” and “why” it happened (or didn’t happened) is just as invaluable as a sale.

Regardless if efforts are driven from digital marketing, SEO or social media optimization strategies, the power of properly implemented website analytics can provide the insights needed, in order to take those hard to reach next steps forward in your business growth achievements.

"Don't let your online presence benefits of a proper SEO Strategy..." - Ed Irvine CEO.