Infoplicity Team AJ Shearer
AJ Shearer
Data Architect & Quality Manager
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Infoplicity Team Wade Steele
Wade Steele
Director of InfoHealth
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Infoplicity Team Alan Sweeney
Alan Sweeney
Data Analytics Manager
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Infoplicity Slavica Frlic
Slavica Frlic
Senior Information Architect
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Infoplicity Ed Irvine
Ed Irvine
CEO & Chief Analytics Officer
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Amanda Rzepka Infoplicity
Amanda Rzepka
Senior Solution Consultant & CFO
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Leah Chytil Infoplicity
Leah Chytil
Senior Solutions Analyst
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Zohra Mahomed Infoplicity
Zohra Mahomed
Business Service Delivery Manager
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Dyane Leclerc Infoplicity Team
Dyane Leclerc
Senior Solutions Developer
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Infoplicity Chris Lepsenyi
Chris Lepsenyi
Enterprise Analytics Architect
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Alex Reid Infoplicity
Alex Reid
Senior Data Developer
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Priscilla Okakwu Infoplicity Team
Priscilla Okakwu
Solutions Analyst
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Infoplicity Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen
Data Integration Specialist
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Inar Dinari Infoplicity
Inar Dinari
Database Developer
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Yilin Han Infoplicity Team
Yilin Han
Software/Solutions Developer
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Infoplicity Ebin Varghese
Ebin Varghese
Information Analyst
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Kyle Roots Infoplicity
Kyle Roots
UI/UX & Web Analytics
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